Friday, May 11, 2012

Grandkids Treasure Hunt

I realize that this post doesn't belong in a cooking blog, but I wanted to share this idea. It is my blog, so I can do anything I want.  When Stacy and Randel were young I started making a treasure hunt for them.  This was before the age of computers, so I would draw a picture of a bathtub, a bed, couch, etc.  It had to be simple, because I was not gifted in that area. By the time my grandchildren were old enough to do it I was fairly computer savvy, so I would print out pictures of things in my house from my PrintMaster ( see ). Now that a few years have passed, I use my digital camera to take pictures around the house and print them on my computer.  The following is a sample.

After printing and cutting them, I put them in little envelopes. I made them out of construction paper that I folded up to form an envelope and taped the sides closed.  I write where it goes on the outside so I don't have to look inside the envelope when I am hiding the clues. Give the first clue to the child.  Example:  the snowman doorstop.  He goes to the snowman and finds the next clue, the entry hall desk with lantern.  The last clue will have the prize.  I usually make it the oven, the refrigerator, cloths dryer, or the shower so I have enough room to place the snack.  At an early age, they don't even care if there is a prize; the hunt is enough.

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