Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mirror Redo

This is the mirror with the corner pieces glued
in place.  Be sure to tape them until the glue sets.
What has been cooking the last few days at the Edwards' you may ask.  O.K. so you didn't ask. I'm telling you anyway.  I saw a great idea on Pintrest and decided to try having my mirrors framed in the bathroom.  I had that ugly builders mirror in both of the bathrooms.  I'll spare you looking at them both, since that are just alike, same molding and everything. This is where I got the how-to

This is the molding and corner pieces
I choose to use. I bought the kind you
paint yourself.

This is the finished mirror in the
master bath
This is the finished mirror in
the guest bath.

Of course, when you redo the mirrors, you see that you need to redo the wallpaper.  I would love to take it all down and just paint, but talk about a big job.  Don't know if I'm ready to take-that-on.
One thing that they didn't tell you in the tutorial from diy was that there are mirror clips that you have to notch around. I also had those ugly rosettes they screw on the mirror.  Fortunately, I got new counter tops and they had to remove the mirrors anyway. So they glued them on the wall and put the clips on the top and bottom.  I also need to tell you that I didn't do this myself.  I have a handy-man that does many of those kinds of jobs around The Edwards' house.

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