Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carne Guisada

I doubled this recipe because I am taking meals twice this week. This makes a great meal to take because you just put this meat on a tortilla and serve some pinto beans and a dessert.  It takes about 2 1/2 hours to make this, but it is well worth the time. Two years we made this to take to the Habitat Build that our church was sponsoring. We warmed the meat at home along with the tortillas. We wrapped them in foil and took them to the site and they stayed warm. Great way to take them. I'm pretty sure I got this recipe from Cheryl Sharp. We really like this dish and I make it several times a year.
Printable Recipe:

2 pounds meat: Pork is best; an inexpensive cut will do nicely since it will cook down.  Cheap cuts will  require 3 pounds of gross weight to net 2 pounds. Chop the meat into 1-inch cubes.
1 large onion:  chopped
Salt and Pepper:     2-3 teaspoons of salt and 1 teaspoon pepper
Garlic:   8-10 cloves, crushed. Adjust to your taste
16oz. can of beer

1 large Poblano pepper:  The pepper should be about as big as your hand. If it is smaller, use two. 
                                        Roast the fresh green pepper over the open burner of your gas cooktop until
                                        the skin is blackened. Place in a ziplock bag to steam. After 10 minutes,
                                        remove pepper and strip off the skin. Seed and vein the pepper and slice into
                                        thumbnail size pieces.

5 tablespoons seasoning: Carne Guisada seasoning. This is available at most grocery stores.

Brown the meat in a large skillet on high heat with about 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil. As the meat begins to brown, add the onion and further brown the outside of the meat. Add the garlic near the end of the browning process to prevent burning it. Be sure to get most of the moisture out of the meat and onion mixture before adding the beer. The meat should be well browned. Add the 16oz. can of beer, stir and reduce the heat to low. Simmer over low heat for 1-1/2 hours - 2 hours. If the liquid runs low, add beer or water as required. As the mixture cooks down, use the edge of the spoon and form to cut and mash the meat chunks into smaller pieces. The meat should be shredded by the end of the cooking process. Add the chopped poblano pepper.

Add the Carne Guisada seasoning. Simmer for about 20-30 minutes. Adjust liquid as required. Serve on hot flour tortillas with a Mexican melting cheese if desired and some fresh jalapeno peppers.

If you double the recipe, be sure to brown the meat in two batches to sear out all of the moisture in the meat and onions.Carne Guisada

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