Monday, August 12, 2013

Omelet in a bag


A friend told me about this awesome way to cook omelets in a bag about 8 years ago.  We have been making them for company for years.  It is a great way to let everyone make the omelet just like they like it.  I find that it is better to salt and pepper after it is out of the bag.  I also like to put my salsa on later, but it works o.k. if you just put it all in the bag together.

I place bowls of the following:
Grated cheese
Canadian bacon
Green onions
Mushrooms cut in small pieces

Take a permanent marker and write each person's name on a baggie.
Then people place at least 2 eggs in the freezer bag.  Mash the egg until it looks like scrambled eggs.
Place in the bag whatever you like. Try to get as much air out of the bag as possible. Seal the bag.  Place it in boiling water for 13 minutes.  At the end of 13 minutes, you remove it from the baggie and it looks like an awesome omelet.  We made these for about 10 people one day and each person can eat whenever they are ready.  Just let them time their own omelet or place them all in at the same time and wait 13 min.

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Sherry said...

Be sure to use freezer bags.